7 Mistakes that might be ruining your marketing campaign

Your content not making sense

It’s easy to mix things up. If you want to show authority and professionality, don’t follow an educational post with a shot of your cat, so to speak.

Not being consistent in posting

Not only people will forget about you in a tick if you stay for days without posting (on any platform you work with) but the algorithm will too and your visibility will sink like a rock in the sea.

Not crossing your traffic between platforms

The higher the web you create, the more search engines see you. Logic, right? Cross all your content between your platforms and create backlinks to the content, like this, you back up traffic, increase your visibility rate on algorithms and search engines will start realising that you actually exist.

Not checking your data

Do you consider what you do your business? Then take it as a business. If you’re not checking your data and your analytics, you’re not taking this seriously. You need to know WHO your audience is, WHAT they like and HOW they want it. Analytics is your friend.

Not interacting with your audience

I know we’re busy, and that you might start having tons of notifications to attend to, but don’t ignore people. Because that’s what they are… people. And no one likes to talk to a wall, right?

Not checking what others are doing

I’m not telling you to copy anything, but you can actually learn a lot by observing how others are doing. Choose some other accounts that have made it before you and see how they work.

Not posting quality

Think of yourself as the audience, what do you think when you see poorly posted content? Well, that’s what they’re going to think of you as well if you do the same. Chances are they won’t come back.

Let me know, what struggles do you deal with in your marketing adventures?

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