Agency services

#1 – Build your brand from scratch or optimize it from A to Z in 4 video calls with us. We guide you through the entire process. Closed price of $500 USD

#2 – SEO: We optimize your search engine ranking by analyzing your website and channels and creating a monthly report. $400 USD / month

#3 – Post-production video editing and trailer creation

#4 – Copywriting: We create your website, platforms and channel content. $420 USD / month

#5 – Digital marketing: we take care of your full digital marketing strategy and create a plan tailored only for you. We’ll have an online meeting with you and create a marketing strategy in 3 days. $900 USD / month


Film Festival Strategy and Consultancy

– We analyze your film and run an exhaustive search of the potential festivals in which your film has the most possibilities to maximize your success.
– We create all the promotional materials the festival requires.
– We manage the submissions and emails on your behalf.
– In case of being accepted, we manage the connection with the festival.
– In case of being accepted, we run a marketing campaign to promote your film at that festival.
Fee: $500 for the management of the entire campaign plus $12 per submission.

In summary, we take care of your whole festival circuit, so you don’t have to worry about anything that is not receiving our updates on the submissions, acceptances and awards.

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