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Horror creator (author, press, filmmaker, game creator, metal band…) have you:
Tried paid ads and nothing happened?
Set up targeted ads in platforms and it got lost in a river of irrelevant “related” content?
Been sharing on social media and no one listened?
Ended up giving up on advertising your material?

Alright, then I have something to share with you.

You need to know about SLASHER’s advertisement, and let me tell you why.

When you are trying to promote your own work, the first obstacle you find is that due to the lack of representation of the horror genre on social media apps’ policies, it gets buried under the rest of the content, irrelevant to you.

Well, SLASHER already solved that for you:

You don’t have to analyze and create a strategy to attract the perfect audience because it’s already targeted. One of the main problems you confront when you create ads on any platform, no matter how influential or wide in visibility, is that the audience is mixed.

In the case of horror creators, they have to compete with other genres, since our genre is not targetable, even worse, it’s censored and shadowbanned by bots and algorithms. Now, SLASHER offers you the opportunity to avoid all the tedious processes of mixing your content with other irrelevant content, which really has nothing to do with yours, diminishing the possibility of any kind of sales conversion.

We have already done that work for you, creating a community focused only on horror, ready to devour your content.

As we care personally for the experience you go through as a user and advertiser, this is not an automatic process. You contact us via email, and we will ask you for an image and a link.

Very easy to set up, and nothing to worry about on your side.

The price ranks the most competitive in the industry! For only $5 CPM, we serve 1.2M impressions a month, when the average price for such visibility is found between $8 and $10 CPM

We will get your content up to 1.2 million impressions a month! Horror-targeted impressions, which skyrocket your conversion rate into sales!

Worried about spending too much? Do you have a tight budget? Don’t worry, we got you covered! You can set the maximum amount you want to invest. Let’s say, you want to start with $50 a month, and see what happens!

This is our guarantee.

If you fix a total amount, the ad will stop when that limit is reached, so you don’t have to worry about the ad generating more cost than you had planned. We got everything under control for your tranquillity.

And last but not least, you know how difficult is for this community to fit in the social media era, with the shadowbans, censorship and strict community policies platforms practice. It’s not easy for horror fans, nor for horror creators to show, share and enjoy the content they love the most. You know the struggle.

SLASHER offers a safe space and a shelter where every fan can find their place and feature their own content! Now, investing in our advertisement, besides all the benefits you get, you will be also contributing to the building of a stronger, better community. Our efforts are paid off by your trust and support, doing our job more efficient and allowing us to optimize our features and improve the platform every day. Thank you!

Still doubting? Talk to us! We got your back.



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