Climb up your content’s position on Google in 4 steps.

If you want your potential clients/readers/watchers to see your content, you need to get a badass position on Google. Let’s get to it. I hate long introductions. 1.SEO Yah, I know, it sounds so tedious. But SEO is your best friend and you NEED its wonders. First off, if you part from a blog orContinue reading “Climb up your content’s position on Google in 4 steps.”

The magic of GOAL SETTING – Never neglect your objectives again.

Running a successful brand is all about mindset. You can have all the dreams in the world, but if you don’t find a way of turning them into realities, they are just– dreams. There is nothing you cannot learn with effort in a branding adventure. You need to change your mental chip to “business chip”.