All you need to promote your YouTube channel —and succeed.

Cover image  As part of the audience myself, there are videos I scroll down because the feature image doesn’t show me enough or I don’t find it aligned with what I’m looking for. If I’m looking for some psychology subject, I don’t click on a video with an eclectic pink pattern under the text, orContinue reading “All you need to promote your YouTube channel —and succeed.”

Conquer your dreams

Break down your dream and conquer it one bite at a time The problem with big dreams is that they look so big. And overwhelming. We don’t know where to start.  The first excuse we tell ourselves is “I have no time”. Have you actually stopped and gone through your schedule? We lose hours andContinue reading “Conquer your dreams”

What no one tells you about marketing your horror book!

Alright, I often detect confusion in regards to what is what when it comes to “types” of horror publishing. Standalone: Novel-sized manuscript that doesn’t belong to a series. It “stands alone”.Series: More than one book linked by a thread.Collection: More than one story by THE SAME AUTHOR, collected in a book or manuscript.Anthology: More thanContinue reading “What no one tells you about marketing your horror book!”

Know your audience

One mistake we make when sharing our product is to talk to ourselves, instead of talking to the audience. When you want to sell a product (such as a film, book, art, game…) you need to ask yourself what would make you click on that link. I see this often, creators talk about themselves, “IContinue reading “Know your audience”

9 + 1 Tips to promote your horror film that actually work!

One of the most significant problems filmmakers face when marketing their work is the low budget. Of course, you invested your money and soul in your project, and getting it to the audience very often, falls behind. Also, the traditional filming and distribution industry sometimes doesn’t help with this problem, since digital marketing and socialContinue reading “9 + 1 Tips to promote your horror film that actually work!”

How to never run out of content for your website

WEB CONTENT There are several different ways you can keep your content updated. Your website content should always be an alive organism, even if you’re a writer, you can write blog posts or articles that keep your audience interested in your work.  If you want the best place to advertise your horror content, you’re lookingContinue reading “How to never run out of content for your website”

How to increase your audience by working with your own stats!

The ABC of understanding your statistics Impressions, engagement, clicks and reach… What a mess, right? How many times do we come across these terms and are not very sure of what they mean…? Haven’t you seen at the left corner of a tweet a tiny thing that says “reach: 654” and thought, “How is itContinue reading “How to increase your audience by working with your own stats!”

Promote your freebie —for free.

Hi there!!! AUTHORS WITH FREEBIES/FREE EBOOK AVAILABLE One of the most common ways to promote a book is to give away some for free, every now and then. Several authors run this kind of campaign, but very often they are not very successful, because they don’t reach many audiences. That’s why I receive many inquiriesContinue reading “Promote your freebie —for free.”

Super easy SEO basics to start ranking your content properly.

When we have a product to market we need to make sure the whole package is ready to rank like a pro on search engines and social media platforms. Today I will show you the ABC of the SEO you need to skyrocket your website. We are going to talk about taglines, key phrases andContinue reading “Super easy SEO basics to start ranking your content properly.”

More help with your marketing!

We JUST set up a new Instagram account focused SOLELY on #HorrorCreators! So it’s easy as cake for you to see new marketing opportunities just by scrolling down your feed! Can’t get easier than that… Due to the big amount of content, we have for your marketing, we had to make a new IG profileContinue reading “More help with your marketing!”