Promote your freebie —for free.

Hi there!!! AUTHORS WITH FREEBIES/FREE EBOOK AVAILABLE One of the most common ways to promote a book is to give away some for free, every now and then. Several authors run this kind of campaign, but very often they are not very successful, because they don’t reach many audiences. That’s why I receive many inquiriesContinue reading “Promote your freebie —for free.”

Super easy SEO basics to start ranking your content properly.

When we have a product to market we need to make sure the whole package is ready to rank like a pro on search engines and social media platforms. Today I will show you the ABC of the SEO you need to skyrocket your website.

Climb up your content’s position on Google in 4 steps.

If you want your potential clients/readers/watchers to see your content, you need to get a badass position on Google. Let’s get to it. I hate long introductions. 1.SEO Yah, I know, it sounds so tedious. But SEO is your best friend and you NEED its wonders. First off, if you part from a blog orContinue reading “Climb up your content’s position on Google in 4 steps.”

The magic of GOAL SETTING – Never neglect your objectives again.

Running a successful brand is all about mindset. You can have all the dreams in the world, but if you don’t find a way of turning them into realities, they are just– dreams. There is nothing you cannot learn with effort in a branding adventure. You need to change your mental chip to “business chip”.Continue reading “The magic of GOAL SETTING – Never neglect your objectives again.”

7 Mistakes that might be ruining your marketing campaign

Your content not making sense It’s easy to mix things up. If you want to show authority and professionality, don’t follow an educational post with a shot of your cat, so to speak. Not being consistent in posting Not only people will forget about you in a tick if you stay for days without postingContinue reading “7 Mistakes that might be ruining your marketing campaign”

Breaking down your Twitter marketing strategy – 10 hacks to grow your audience in 2022

The audience on Twitter is the most growing and organic you can find in any platform. It needs work though, let’s dive in. I hope these tips helped you get the encouragement you need to start your own race. Let me know any question, comment or content idea you’d like me to talk about.

5 top tips to start marketing your product like a PRO

You know I don’t like introductions because when I’m looking for a cake recipe and click on a link that says “cake recipe”…. give me the recipe! I’m sure I’m not alone. So let’s dive in. 1. Quality This one seems obvious, but you’d be surprise of how often I see graphics out there whichContinue reading “5 top tips to start marketing your product like a PRO”