You’re missing out on exposure for your horror content. Only a listing? Only a subscription? Much more.

I’ve been working with the horror industry since 2017 and witnessed the evolution of the struggle for creators to get their word out there. Six years of test and error, trying new methods, tendencies, approaches and messaging.

Six years of polishing what works and what doesn’t. That’s why I, steadily, have concluded that consistency and simplicity are always best.

Our LISTING SUBSCRIPTION is not only a subscription. It’s not only a spot on our website. It’s designed for much more. Listen up.

Listing your book/film/game/band on our website is only the first step. You get a full feature where you can include any information you like. You get coverage on our social media and a spot in our newsletters.

Only for $20

Does that sound like not enough for $20 a month? Alright, you’ll change your mind when you know that we accompany you to make the best of this opportunity and boost your exposure. How?

Listing your content, you will receive:

  • A blueprint with “Optimize and boost your exposure in 10 STEPS” through your subscription.
  • Exclusive access to 3 videos to implement, one bite at a time, our “How to double your sales in 3 phases, within 30 days.
  • Press release template, ready to use.
  • A blueprint about “How to approach anyone in the entertainment industry and get their attention” including text templates and a “do’s and don’ts” to avoid potential mistakes.

Last but not least, you’ll be receiving eventual emails with more resources and opportunities for your content.


Finally, we urgently encourage you to subscribe to our Marketing Growth Program, which is 100% FREE

Subscribe and download “The ABC of marketing your horror content pt 1”

Also, by subscribing, you will be notified every time we open a new opportunity for FREE promotion, and offer a free tool or video through TBM Digital Marketing for your horror material: music, art, books, films, podcasts, radio, video games…

I want to join the TBM Marketing Growth Program now!

But Mar, why would you offer all this value for only $20 a month?

Easy. I want to help. My goal is to help the #HorrorCommunity become stronger and more resourceful.

Published by Mar Garcia

Founder of TBM Horror Digital Marketing // Head of PR, Digital Marketing & Connections

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