Conquer your dreams

Break down your dream and conquer it one bite at a time

The problem with big dreams is that they look so big. And overwhelming. We don’t know where to start. 

The first excuse we tell ourselves is “I have no time”.

Have you actually stopped and gone through your schedule? We lose hours and hours in front of our phones, sleeping too much, and watching TV. We always have time for that. We always have time to scroll on Tiktok, and when we realize it, half an hour went by.

In half an hour you had time to write a full draft of an article, start a connection on social media, or plan a new project.

The boldest acceptance you can do is to tell yourself you’re just lazy to take action. Scared of taking a big step, lost in regard to looking for resources or mentors. And inspiration. 

Waiting for motivation and inspiration is a huge mistake, Picasso said “Inspiration catches you while working.”

You have to consider your time as a countdown of material life. You got 24h a day. If you’re wasting hours and hours that don’t bring you any kind of outcome, how will you feel when, ten years from now, you pile up all those hours and realize you’ve lost YEARS of your life doing literally “nothing”, while you complained you had no time?

Human psyche… it’s fascinating.

We look at our big dream(s) and think we will never make it there, without realizing it’s the little steps what take you to the peak of the mountain. 

I understand first hand the situation where you are exhausted and sad. I perfectly get what it’s to feel that you’re not worth enough, smart enough, wealthy enough. If you just knew it’s all in your mind…it’s all about work, organization, self-education, discipline. 

I have tried all the organization, note-taking, insights, notes, scheduling apps, calendars you can imagine. The one only app that has helped me is Notion.

I have to admit I tried it about a year ago and left it because it was too complicated. But after not finding anything better, I came back to it and it seems they had made a lot of improvements. It has direct access on your phone’s first screen where you can write a “quick note” and you can priorly select where it’s going to be saved.

You can share part of your workspace with other users, and keep a section private for you. It has tables, bullet lists, checkboxes, menus, paragraphs, headings, number lists… you can really do anything you want in there. 

Since I have mastered it, so to speak, not a master anyways, it has become so so useful. 

So I wanted to share it with you today, in case it becomes the first step you need to take toward your goals.

I have no commission whatsoever, it’s a sincere insight into what helped me.

This is the website:

Let me know your thoughts. Take care, and take action today. Even if it’s small. 

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