Know your audience

One mistake we make when sharing our product is to talk to ourselves, instead of talking to the audience.

When you want to sell a product (such as a film, book, art, game…) you need to ask yourself what would make you click on that link. I see this often, creators talk about themselves, “I have done this and I’m an expert at that”. It’s sad but, normally, the general audience doesn’t care about that.

Why do you click on a video game ad? Because of a badass graphic that makes you say out loud “Cool!!”

Why do you check out a new film? Because it says it’s something different from what you have watched before.

Why do you start listening to a podcast? because they have given you some value in advance. I find myself scrolling through podcasts that announce a lot but then they don’t really give you anything you can ACTUALLY use.

Does that sound familiar to you?

Because we work within the walls of horror fiction, it seems that we don’t have to target our audience, that we don’t need to care about the way we advertise because we’re “already talking to a community that consumes that specific kind of material.”

That’s a huge mistake. You need to analyze what kind of content are you working with and then ask yourself WHY WOULD YOU be caught by it when scrolling down your feed. I’m certain you ignore many of the ads your fellow creators post. Do you know how important that information is? You are a great source of data when it comes down to what a consumer, a horror fan loves!

Have you thought about that?

Well, now I want you to grab a notebook and write down EVERYTHING that makes you stop in a post, ad or link. And keep it close. Every time you consume a piece of content, ask yourself why you just did that, and write it down.

Examine your audience. Get to know them closely, so you can give them EXACTLY what they love.

Mar Garcia
Founder of TBM Horror and TBM Horror Marketing

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