How to never run out of content for your website


There are several different ways you can keep your content updated. Your website content should always be an alive organism, even if you’re a writer, you can write blog posts or articles that keep your audience interested in your work. 

  1. Your own blog posts
    1. Create a brainstorming list of potential ideas to share with your audience
    2. Don’t make them too long. The more you break them down, the more posts or articles  you’ll be able to publish
    3. Have a calendar. Organize your material. How often are you going to post something new and interesting? Take the decision, and let your audience know. 
    4. Consistency is key. Persevere even if in the beginning they are not listening. If you tell them you’re going to post once a week, but you don’t, they will most likely stop checking on you.
  2. Guest posts
    Create an open call to give a spot to other authors. Why not? They are going to create content to keep your website interesting, you’ll create new connections that can be beneficial in the near future and you’ll be helping them back.

    Besides, they will probably share the link around so people can read their articles. That means backlinks your way, which are amazing for organic ranking on search engines. Also, that’s a green flag for Google to sort your website as healthy since they will understand the audience likes it.

    Also, helping each other is always a healthy perspective.
  3. Sharing an excerpt from an important article,
    and linking the “read more” to their website. They will realize and maybe come back to you to say thank you. Even if they don’t, you’ll be providing your audience with great content they can be entertained with when being around your website.

    Always remember to give credit to the author and website. Good praxis is key!
  4. Images
    Make sure all your images are engaging, eye-catching and high quality. It doesn’t only help Google have a good eye on you, but people are naturally drawn to good-quality graphics. It will make you look professional and reliable.
  5. Videos
    Ah, we’re afraid of recording videos, aren’t we? Don’t worry, you can search for videos related to your content and embed them in your article as interesting related content. Search engines rank very positively the websites with embedded videos.

    That will motivate and inspire you to create your own videos, maybe you can start just start sharing your screen, showing your product, reading and excerpt or previewing your film.

    **Note: remember the good SEO practices we mentioned already in prior posts! Take them into consideration when you’re writing your content or editing the guest posts.

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