Super easy SEO basics to start ranking your content properly.

TBM Horror DIgital Marketing - Blog Post August 1 - Super easy SEO basics to start ranking your content properly

When we have a product to market we need to make sure the whole package is ready to rank like a pro on search engines and social media platforms.

Today I will show you the ABC of the SEO you need to skyrocket your website.

We are going to talk about taglines, key phrases and long-tails. Also about the importance of backlinks and targeted content. I will also explain the importance of a good design, the use of images, videos and infographics.

If you want to learn more about SEO and how it can boost your business then keep on reading.

How to Write a Tagline for Your Product or Service?

The first thing we need is a tagline. The tagline is the statement that describes what your business does in one sentence. It should be short, catchy and memorable. It should also be able to attract potential customers and make them want to get more information about your horror content.

Tell them WHY they are going to love your content.

ALT text in images.

I have already mentioned this, but I will get a bit more into detail. Google crawls every link and ALT text, it’s the way it understands what kind of material you share. The more text you have in ALT tags, the better.

Google uses this information to understand what your website is about. If there are too many images on a single page with missing ALT texts, it will not be able to crawl it properly and may even penalize you for that.

Basic SEO in website/blog posts

There are four main important things to consider.

The SEO title.

It’s the “official title” Google is going to look for.

The SEO description.

This is the “alternate title” Google wants, so it’s very important that you write a detailed one for every post.

The SEO meta description.

It’s an additional line of text that goes below the title and represents your website or blog in search results pages (SERPs). So when someone clicks on your link in SERPs, they see all this information about you before even visiting your page.

But, you have to know that Google has recently changed the way it shows meta descriptions. It now uses a description from your page that’s most relevant to the user’s query. This means that if your post has a long, detailed description with relevant keywords, it will probably be used as the meta description.

Link & anchor text

I think it’s pretty obvious to say your link has to be clear and make sense to search engines. If it’s not, Google will ignore or penalize your page. If you’re linking to another site, make sure that all the keywords in your anchor text are also found on their page and that they’re relevant to each other.

Good use of headings and subheadings

Yep. Google is also going to decide how “readable” is your post, and if the user experience is going to be satisfying or not.

Don’t write long, endless paragraphs. Max three or four lines and intercalate them with subheadings (H2, H3, H4…).

The heading or H1 has to almost match your SEO title. This is important.

Use bold and italics when appropriate. These are not just for design, they can also help your content be more understandable to Google. Use them sparingly, though—it’s best to focus on writing clear, concise sentences that make sense when read out loud.

Link other posts from your own website or blog

These internal backlinks improve the user experience rate and Google likes it. As long as they’re related! Your site map has to be clear and spotless. No messy anchor texts, or linking pages in an unorganised way.

Use the “related posts” plugin on your website so you have this covered already.

Well, I think this is enough for today! We’ll talk more in the next post!

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