Climb up your content’s position on Google in 4 steps.

TBM Horror Digital Marketing - How to position on Google cover image

If you want your potential clients/readers/watchers to see your content, you need to get a badass position on Google.

Let’s get to it. I hate long introductions.


Yah, I know, it sounds so tedious. But SEO is your best friend and you NEED its wonders. First off, if you part from a blog or website, make sure you have installed a plugin like YOAST that takes care of throwing a chair on your head when the SEO in a post or page is awful. It works.

**I don’t get any commission, I’ve just been using YOAST for years and they’re an over-the-top app. They have your back, y’know. This is the website:
But just look for their plugin, it’s great.

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