Climb up your content’s position on Google in 4 steps.

TBM Horror Digital Marketing - How to position on Google cover image

If you want your potential clients/readers/watchers to see your content, you need to get a badass position on Google.

Let’s get to it. I hate long introductions.


Yah, I know, it sounds so tedious. But SEO is your best friend and you NEED its wonders. First off, if you part from a blog or website, make sure you have installed a plugin like YOAST that takes care of throwing a chair on your head when the SEO in a post or page is awful. It works.

**I don’t get any commission, I’ve just been using YOAST for years and they’re an over-the-top app. They have your back, y’know. This is the website:
But just look for their plugin, it’s great.

What is SEO? Well, it’s the language you need to use for Google to understand you. Then! Good practices on SEO dumb-proof:

1.1. EVERY SINGLE IMAGE must have the proper title and Alt text

Do the images on your website or blog have a file name like this? “dljkfsgfieryijcfbjksdgfjvgbdskfg_23746387562_dfhiñudfbvhdaukg.png/jpg”

One of the ways Google and other minor search engines know what the heck you’re doing on your website (so they can show you to the proper audience) is to crawl ALL YOUR IMAGES FILE NAME.
Make sure the name matches the content. Example:

If you have a business called ABC Publishing in the fantasy genre, your files should be named something like:
“ABC Publishing – Fantasy books – [Book title] by [Author/s]”
This way, if you Google the name of that book, you’ll appear in the image search, AND, not only that. Google will start understanding what your content is about, and your escalating way up to exposure will have begun.

That’s what I do with EVERY IMAGE my clients send me. I re-name it. All of them.

Okay Mar, but what on earth is the Alt Text? Easy.
The Alt Text is the “second name” your website allows you to give the image, so not only Google but the website explorers also speak your language. Let me show you:

Yep. It’s this easy.

And what’s the file name for this picture?
“TBM Horror Digital Marketing – How to position on Google”

1.2. Links ALSO need a proper name

You need to make sure Google understands your sitemap and the names you give to your pages and posts. Make sure every link on your website MAKES SENSE with the content that holds.
I know it sounds obvious but you’d freak out at how many nonsense links I see a day.


You need to make sure, in your texts, you are using keywords Google can track. Example, again with our fantasy publisher:
Words that will have to be in your texts:
fantasy book
fantasy promotion
fantasy publishing
fantasy freak
fantasy lover
fantasy reviewer
fantasy movie
fantasy author

You get it, don’t you?

3. Videos

They just work wonders. In this YT-influencer-Tiktok-freak era, Google knows people love videos. The more videos you upload on your website, the more green flags you show to the Google bots looking for content people like.

“But my plan doesn’t allow me to upload videos!”

Post them on YouTube and paste the link. The YouTube plugin acts automatically and shows an embedding of the video.

“But I don’t have a YouTube channel!!”

Who cares, just upload it so you can show it on your website!

4. Backlinks

What are backlinks? People adding your link to their websites. It can be as easy as anyone sharing your post.
How can you get this? Well, just engage with other people, reach them out telling them about your post and that they might want to share it.

Maybe you can just do the same for them and share content from others.

Lesson: make friends.

Increase your reach by joining audiences with other content creators, in the horror genre, normally everyone is game for everything. We’re all nuts in here.

I hope that helped clean up your web space, reach out for help or more tips, or add some wisdom!

See ya soon!

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