The magic of GOAL SETTING – Never neglect your objectives again.

Running a successful brand is all about mindset. You can have all the dreams in the world, but if you don’t find a way of turning them into realities, they are just– dreams.

There is nothing you cannot learn with effort in a branding adventure. You need to change your mental chip to “business chip”.

  1. Grab a notebook and brainstorm every mess you have in your mind regarding your business. Empty that brain of yours. Don’t believe me? It’s so useful.
  2. Next, write down what you do normally in a day, then once you have that, look for the spots in the day you have available to invest in your new brand, wether it’s 10 minuts or 2 hours. Highlight them with a bright color.
  3. Define the three main objectives you need to start the engine, they might be, graphics, growing social media platforms, content creations, video editing…
  4. Leave a spot to educate yourself. Do you want to post high quality videos? Before you do it, invest plenty of hours in courses, tutorials and software trials. Start off in a high level.
  5. Research quality creators in your niche. Study them, learn from them. It’s not wasted time, it’s educational time. Nowadays, there’s no excuse not to learn from others, there’s literally hundreds of content creators out there.
  6. Reach out people you’d like to collaborate with. Show your material and set a proposal. What could you lose?
  7. Once your mind is more in place, beause you will have rejected some of the former ideas already, now it’s time for GOAL SETTING. Short and long term.
    Where would you like to be in a year now? Write it down. Now, break it down to smaller goals that will bring your there. Those are the short term goals you need to organize in your new schedule.
  8. Don’t spend one day without doing something that brings you closer to your goal. Even if it’s something little. It’s so easy to fall into the “tomorrow I’ll do it”. When you realize, two months went by and you have to start all over, even if you do. Which you might not.
  9. Set alarms for your scheudle. Time to work!
  10. Keep track of your work. A kind of journal where you write what did you do every day, so you can see your progress. The more you move ahead and see all you have done, the more motivated you’ll be motivated to go on.

Good luck!

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