Breaking down your Twitter marketing strategy – 10 hacks to grow your audience in 2023

The audience on Twitter is growing and organic. It needs work though, let’s dive in.

  1. Focus your content

    You need to choose specific niches: focusing is winning. I would recommend choosing 3 to 4 content buckets at most.
  2. Tweet AS MUCH AS YOU CAN.

    I have checked this first hand. The more I tweet, the more my analytics touch the roof of the charts.
  3. Follow who follows you (when it’s a decent account)

    Twitter is the only platform that doesn’t set a limit of followings, so don’t try to look like a super star with 5M followers and following back to 3 of them. Why do that? Be nice and repay kindness with kindness.
  4. The visibility is much higher than on any other platform. Take advantage of it!

    Facebook has a ridiculously low rate of visibility since they want you to pay to get seen. Instagram and its constant change of algorithm have turned engagement into a very tough mission.

    Twitter has a much more transparent policy and your tweets stay much longer on the surface.
  5. People follow David because his content is so cool. Be like David.

    Not all your tweets are going to be gold, but make sure everything you tweet is interesting. Target the audience, place yourself into their mind for a moment and work out what’s most attractive to them.
  6. Make sure your profile bio is made properly.

    In your bio you need concrete, clear and quality information. Who are you? What do you do? What do you offer? How can they contact you?

    Leave the dad’s jokes for your tweets.
  7. Use a scheduling app.

    Don’t trust you’ll have time. We never do. Scheduling apps are your friend. There are plenty of free ones. You have no excuses left, my friend.
  8. Don’t ask for things. Please. Don’t do that. Don’t.

    Once you provide with vaue material or content, then you’ll get that help back. Don’t be that person who’s always asking for retweets, reviews, free codes, free courses etc. Give so you are given back.
  9. Be consistent.

    If you start a content strategy and engagement campaign, go for it or stay home. If you stay half the way, people won’t take you seriously.
  10. Don’t look back. Keep perspective.

    Don’t expect instant results. Believe in your quality, hard work and your work will give you solid, organic and real fruits. Don’t give up just because you didn’t get 500 followers in a week. Good things come in little jars, as we say here. Be patient.

I hope these tips helped you get the encouragement you need to start your own race. Let me know any question, comment or content idea you’d like me to talk about.

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